ELC – European Learning Centre

Project Coordinator – Ubrique, Spain

European Learning Center is a company dedicated to non-regulated training. This company has more than 25 years of experience in the sector, covering the needs of the region.

From the beginning, European Learning Center has been an educational organization that, from the center’s management, the head of studies, teachers, tutors, administrative staff and employees, is at the service of students to guarantee quality teaching, with experts in each subject and with personalized attention for each student.

European Learning Center since its inception has been an educational center recognized by both people and the press. Justified recognition, because every day the European Learning Center updates its resources from promotions that can be benefited both for workers and the unemployed (the latter with a hiring commitment). There are many advantages that the European Learning Center offers, but in this section we are not going to count them all, as you will discover them throughout their website.

CSI – Center for Social Innovation

Partner – Nicosia, Cyprus

The Center for Social Innovation (CSI) is a Research and Development organisation, which focuses on fostering social innovation that can bring about a positive change to local, national, regional, and global entities. These entities include but are not limited to governments, local administrative agencies, non-for-profit agencies, commercial entities, and educational institutions.

The CSI team is composed of open-minded, fully equipped researchers, entrepreneurs, project managers, trainers, and Information Technology specialists. CSI encompasses the capability and capacity to identify social needs, design and implement adjusted initiatives, and provide for sustainable growth.

The CSI team’s areas of expertise are in the fields of traditional education and e-learning, entrepreneurship, start-ups, innovation, creativity, negotiations, social responsibility, business advisory solutions, data analytics, information technologies, project management, project evaluation services, product validation, training and computer gaming.

CSI draws know-how and skills from its wide network, which includes academic institutions, IT companies, public services, international organizations, start-ups, and public services.

FO – Frauenberatungsstelle Oberpullendorf

Partner – Oberpullendorf, Austria

FBST, Frauen-, Maedchen- und Familienberatungsstelle Oberpullendorf, is offering head to head counselling in private affairs, further education, advisory and career guidance in the area of Burgenland, the most eastern part of Austria. Our counsel and education centre was set up in 1992. Our centre is a non-profit organization, our legal entity is a private association.

Each year we are working with more than 1.100 clients in various settings, our staff is a good mixture of 10 well educated women and men, in addition about 8 specific trainers and coaches are working for us as well. With our “”WOMEN JOB CENTRE”” we aim to offer further education to adults (mainly women), lately we are organizing our courses also for distant learners.

In our centers FBST and FBZ OP we address women, girls and families of our area who are facing problems at their workplace, who need or want some further education, who want to step back into labour market, who are stressed by too many duties or who are facing all kind of personal and private crises. Our offers are mainly free of charge.

In a close cooperation with Federal Ministries, the local government, the Austrian Labour Market Service (AMS) and several EU fundings we offer a wide range of courses to create new or better chances for adults of all ages – native Austrians as well as other Europeans or migrants – on the labour market or to develop their personal competencies. FBST and FBZ OP regularly offer courses to – mostly – women at all ages (about 18 to 75 years) in our two centers in Oberpullendorf. Additionally, we give all kind of psycho-social support, coachings and legal advice. We focus on a great variety of topics, demanded by the labour market (soft skills, digital skills, ICTtrainings, etc.). We also offer courses to retired people (third age competences). We developed courses answering the needs of our clients together with partners in dozens of EU-projects. We have gathered extensive experience in cooperating in all types of learning partnerships.


Partner – Flemalle, Belgium

Perspectives is a training center for job seekers, created in 1984 and recognited by Wallonia Region in as a socioprofessional integration center (CISP), placement agency and training operator of the Mobilisation Plan for the Information and Communication Technology (PMTIC).

This non-profit organization aims to development of social, educational, cultural and economic activities with a view to promoting employment and citizen expression. It carries out the following trainings:

  1. 5 CISP courses, with individualized psychosocial support
    • “Bilan & Projet”, a professional orientation, of which the program of 312 hours, in 3.5 months includes 2 observation internship weeks
    • “Animation & technique Radio”
    • “Exploitation & maintenance Informatique” (IT operation and maintenance)
    • “Réalisation multimédia pour l’e-commerce” (Multimedia production for e-business)
    • “Régie de spectacles, son & lumière” (Show management, sound and light)
    These 4 professionalising streams include a program of 900 hours, in 9 months, including 6 to 8 weeks in company.
  2. 1 PMTIC action: 48 hours of basic computer training, in 8 to 12 days
  3. 3 axes of a Local Integration Initiative (ILI) project:
    • French as a Foreign Language: 400 hours at A2-B1 level (divided in 2020 into a session of 280 hours then another 120 hours)
    • Citizenship Integration Training (FIC): 60 hours on the theme of Citizenship in Belgium
    • Interculturality actions
  4. 1 mobility-oriented French as a foreign language course called Mobilité’EE, for job seekers of non-European origin, in collaboration with Forem (regional public service of employment): 150 hours in 8 to 10 weeks
  5. From 2020, all the activities and staff of the Processus association are incorporated into Perspectives, in order to guarantee their sustainability and to better coordinate the learning of French in Flémalle : several French courses: basic literacy, French as a foreign language A1 & A2 and refresher training for French speakers
  6. Tutoring in primary schools, in French, mainly for children of recent immigrant background, by colleagues transferred from Processus association
  7. 1 individual orientation of young people aged 18-24 towards technical professions: 100% personalized program, approximately 100 hours, work placements and trial-trainings included. Other actions have been carried out recently or will be carried out soon for first-time foreigners and refugees.

All training is free for the beneficiaries and takes place in Flémalle and Saint-Nicolas, two localities near Liege with a high unemployment rate. In 2020, several trainings took place only by video conference to which were added a few interviews individual face to face. In addition, the association regularly participates in partnership actions, in Wallonia, but also throughout Europe, via the Erasmus + program.


Partner – Nicosia, Cyprus

SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education is a pioneering organization which initiates and implements projects of social impact, with a focus on social inclusion. SYNTHESIS is the leading organization in Cyprus in the fields of social entrepreneurship and social innovation. It founded HUB NICOSIA, an educational center, with cultural, environmental, and social aims. SYNTHESIS runs the “Social Café,” a unique initiative aiming at the empowerment of migrants, refugees, and other vulnerable groups.

As an adult education provider and an accredited VET institution, SYNTHESIS focuses on the development of training programs, curricula, that enhance the personal, entrepreneurial, and employment skills of people, particularly those who are experiencing or at risk of social exclusion including refugees and asylum seekers, NEET youth, women, senior citizens, youth, and adults with learning or emotional difficulties, people with disabilities, and people with fewer opportunities due to cultural, social, or financial barriers. SYNTHESIS also delivers an action program for refugees and asylum seekers, consisting of language courses, professional training as well as entrepreneurial and soft skills development. As an intermediate organization for the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs,” SYNTHESIS offers inclusive training and mentoring opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs across Europe.

TRH -The Rural Hub CLG

Partner – Carrickmacross, Ireland

The Rural Hub provides a wide range of training and learning development opportunities for residents, older people, migrants, and vulnerable adult learners within our communities. These opportunities promote greater community involvement and enhance social inclusion, breaking down the barriers of exclusion and educational disadvantage. The Rural Hub promotes community building, inclusion, open access to learning and creates a sense of place within the local community for all. Throughout the year we offer and deliver a range of training courses, local projects, activities, and events aimed at reducing isolation and exclusion and exploring inclusive pathways to learning and meaningful intercultural and civic dialogue at local and regional level.

We also provide weekly drop-in services providing information, referrals and help with completing forms, particularly for older people, migrants, and adults with poor literacy skills through our community outreach office in Virginia. In addition, we provide a meeting and training space for local community organisations and training bodies to deliver training to local communities on their doorstep. Through the Hub, we promote volunteerism and peer mentoring in areas traditionally underrepresented by encouraging our learners to give-back to others and act as positive role models within their peer groups or local communities.The Rural Hub provides the following relevant ICT training programmes in the following fields:

  • Media production training for young people through our monthly community newspaper and HubTV which is our community TV station.
  • In-service training to build the digital, social, and sustainability skills of community leaders and educators, supporting them to work in community environments.
  • Digital literacy skills for women outside the workforce, especially those from migrant backgrounds.
  • Workshops on how to access public services through e-Government services – practical ICT classes for adult learners – Social media training for community leaders, local organisations, and community groups.

The Rural Hub also run and operate the DMZ -Digital Media Zone-in Virginia, Cavan. This is a full media production suite where trainers from The Rural Hub provide masterclasses on the topics of digital media, sound recording, TV production, filmmaking, etc. to local community groups.

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